Welcome to Mikko Mononen Oy

We have a 100 year old tradition in the Finnish funeral culture as one of the leading providers of both ground burial and cremation services in the Helsinki area.

We serve you with individuality, dignity and confidentiality, making both funeral arrangements in Finland and repatriations from Finland to other countries.

Burials in Finland

We will address your questions and concern about the entire funeral process in English. We provide coffins, urns and other products and assist you with funeral notices and in notifing relatives and friends as well. We assist in determining the time, place and type of burial ceremonies and visitations. We keep contact to the officials and churches, whether ground burial or cremation is chosen.

Repatriations from Finland

If your loved one has deceased in Finland, we provide repatriation arrangements by coffin or urn reliably to any destination. Our alternatives are coffin transportation by road or air service, or cremation in Finland and transportation of the urn.

We have a staff of trained and compassionate professionals in 4 offices at your service. Please call our central number and ask for service in English.

Direct contacts to our office:

Telephone: + 358 9 6862 6251
Telefax: + 358 9 6862 6288


Hautaustoimisto Mikko Mononen Oy
Liisankatu 25
00170 Helsinki

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Johan Nordenswan, tel. + 358 9 6862 6201
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